Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Mythical RA! Appears.

After a foggy cool morning... once again we were ready to curse the weather-guy for heightened hope for a trip to the beyond on our trikes. ...when alas... glimmer... a ray... indeed... yes... a patch of the great blue opens up in the early afternoon in the great Northwest!

PhattKatt had patiently been waiting in the dark corner of the office for days... weeks, actually. Its been fussed over... poked and tweaked, gadget ed and moved about. But today! today PhattKatt got to see the world! Or at least, 5 miles of it.

Destination; Dawson Creek Corporate Park:

Several miles of 6 foot wide MUP with the local library on the water, ducks and geese, and lots of local folk. Tunnels and bridges, uphills and down... a place to stretch the legs of critters long couped up.

As it rained yesterday and the fog was dripping wet just this AM, it was hard to judge the conditions on the ground. Only small patches of mud were encountered and no serious puddles were found anywhere. Wouldn't you know it... as puddles are great for washing tires off; especially that goose dung: Yuck!

On the way toward home, the same energetic pace continued on the road-paths back to the little hamlet of a town where PhattKatt now lives. The building in the next image is the Old Orenco Garage... now a shop of one, Merlin, who is an artisan skilled at wagon building, the old horse drawn kind. He is passing on the art to his offspring.

Tonight, PhattKatt will sleep well knowing at least a small part of the new world within its grasp. Now to dream of the next adventure.

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