Sunday, January 6, 2008

...and the rain continues.

"The grayness in the northlands seem forever."

Yet in the attic with a glimmering light, one can continue to perfect those things we may effect. Today was the choice day for correcting that which I mentioned earlier... the quick release flag mount.

Appropriately designed at Big Cat, the flag mount allows for a single bolt and lean the mount against another feature. Raising the flag mount to the head rest requires a similar feature once mounted. The preference for the higher mounting location is so that the top of the flag is higher from the ground then peoples' eyes. Safety equipment should also be used safely. I like having the tips of the flag at least 6'8" from the ground. Much higher, and most cars will not see it from their vantage point.

For transport reasons, the flag will need to be easily removed. Seeings how the flag pole diameter makes for a very snug fit in the flag mount, pole and mount are now permanently mated thank to a bigger hammer.

In the previous attempt, I tried to tighten the mount with only one screw and nothing to lean against. That idea was doomed to failure and as mentioned before, needed more effort. Today the quick release collar was modified with the Dremel cut-off wheels so that the flag mount would fit in the middle of the clamp.

The amount of material removed was a delicate balance between clamping tightly on the head rest post and still clamping the flag mount tight.

Here you can see how the tip-stop feature works on the head rest:

Along with finishing the flag mount quick release, the safety triangle was also added. The triangle has a strap on the back that is looped around the head rest post. At the top of the triangle, there is Velcro. Here is the final setup of the flag mount and the safety triangle:

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