Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Followup on a Promise:

I promised PhattKatt I would clean up the sensor bracket for the computer.

So today I remembered to put a few moments in at the shop and make the strap that would solve the engineering task at hand... a small hole and a bit larger hole 2-1/4 inches apart on a flat straight piece of alloy not to thick; not to thin. Sounds like a right proper engineering spec if I'd ever written one. Along with the hardware from the litter box, we ended up with this high tech space aged sensor mounting kit:

Next, remove the old bracket and put the new bracket in the small hole next to the rod end.

Anyone remember why we put the sensor on top of a bracket, not below on the left side of the trike? Yep, 'cause we want to transport the trike with wheels removed. We don't want to be knocking the sensor around and have it end up in spokes somewhere along the trail at the furthest point from nowhere... er... furthest point to somewhere... something like that.

So I install bracket with a 10-32x1/2" stainless steel socket button head cap screw a keps hex nut (hex nut with a built in star washer) and hold the screw head with the Allen wrench while tightening the nut. This way the strap doesn't move while tightening it. I'm also maintaining that 4-5mm of clearance between the sensor and the magnet all the while. The installation came out looking like this:

That should pretty much do it for catching up on my promises. Next will be the water bottle mounts when they come in.

Hopefully we'll have another ride report soon. Sounds like it will be cool but clearing for about a week. Let's see if some of that can be sunny enough for another outing. A Cat must strut her stuff, you know!

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