Thursday, March 27, 2008

Protect the Bits

Over the past few weeks, PhattKatt has stretched her claws around the vicinity. Here too, her rider seems to be taking on the personality of the little kitty. Note also the remainder of this post... how to protect the peoples near our trikes... and the trike itself, with one simple little well worthwhile add-on.

These things are not easy to find. Whether heavy duty or even cursory duty, they come on almost all Asian built bikes and recumbents... but try to find one on a USA built production machine. You can't... not even as an option. Of course, I am talking about a Bash Guard ~or~ Trouser Guard... a BMX indispensable!

With those gnarly teeth ready to bite... or scrape... or poke anything before it, I thought it a good idea to add this protection since PhattKatt's rider, my loving wife, has learned to lift the rear wheel... or even "stunt braking" on PhattKatt. I wonder if this dare~devil behavior is being passed on through osmosis.

So with too much searching and even considering importation from Taiwan, I decided that protecting the chainring was worth the $50- investment. And it comes in very nice bling colors as well. The Purely Custom Bash Guard [apologies if the site link is poor; you can Google purely custom and go to their mountain bike area under bash guard]

And now for the important bits... the pix:

Out of the Box: Note the ~included~ chainring bolts/adapters
This is the 130BCD version. Other sizes and patterns are available... and a lot of other colors.

This bash guard is rated for a 53T chainring. PhattKatt has a 52T large ring. Pretty nice fit, don't you agree?

...and it clears the Ultegra crank just fine. The guard is a bit thicker than I was thinking too. That makes it a force to be reckoned with.

From a distance, I think its bling value alone is well worth it... $40.95 plus S/H!

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