Saturday, February 16, 2008

To serve a purpose.

After all the fussin' and futzin' in getting PhattKatt all prep'd and prop'r, the days are finally becoming longer and that warm ball in the sky is peeking form between the gray matter overhead. These things in the macrocosm of course awaken the same emotions in the microcosm within as the sheer joy of riding trikes through the suburbian terrain is part of spring's awakening.

Today's route was tracked on the MotionLingo Adeo. A GPS workout aid what can record your route for later download. Pretty simple to use and provides online workout tracking, workout data for analysis including elevation and speed, and much more. Today's was transferred to Google Earth for review.

Here was today's route: 10 miles at a very casual pace... most excellent to share with your S.O.!

Learn more about the Adeo at .
Feel free to ask questions about the Adeo if you like.

Think we can do it again tomorrow? I hope so!

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