Friday, December 28, 2007

Truing Trike Wheels

Today was another quiet day watching the skies get grayer and grayer after a brief burst of sunshine. So the forums kept things interesting for a while.

I was thinking this afternoon was a good time to start to commence to consider truing the wheels on PhattKatt. I noted when I first put the trike together that all the wheels had some wow to them. The wobble seemed a lot worse at the time although it turned out all three wheels were within 2mm of true.

Since I set toe adjustment based on spoke position, it was important to have the wheels true to start with. Off I go to find a way to prop up the wheels and for the trike to be stable. I started with the rear by placing the trike on a board and a couple of 4x4's that have been trimmed specifically for setting the toe adjustment on the ABTT.

I "sounded" the spokes to make sure no dud or overly taught spokes were present. Turns out that all the spokes were pretty evenly tensioned on all three wheels. All three wheels were pretty much round as well. All that was needed was a little tweaking of the spokes to straighten out the wobbles.

The adjustment setup was pretty crude. Luckily I already had experience with this on the ABTT, so I proceeded to adjust each wheel. About two hours later, all the wheels were true and dinner was ready.

After dinner, it was time to check the toe adjustment. I had measured the tie rod replacement against the one that came with the trike. From my toe-check today, toe was correct within 1/2 a turn on the new tie rod. Only a test ride on a smooth flat space will let me verify the setting but in the meantime I will line up the wheels on my porch where 2x8's run nicely parallel and I can at least do a sighting down on the wheels.

Only one pic today: truing setup

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